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While getting a divorce may be the only way forward for two people who are unable to resolve their differences in marriage, it becomes much more complicated when the couple share a child or children. Both parents desire that their child’s needs are taken care of, both emotionally and financially.

When it comes to dividing up this responsibility of monetary support, however, it can be sometimes difficult to determine what is a fair organization of assets. One parent might not have a job, or another might be supporting two families. Regardless of the situation, the state of Alabama seeks as its utmost goal that children’s well-being is protected, both in the short-term and the upcoming future.

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Determining Organization of Child Support

In the state of Alabama, child support is not necessarily divided equally between parents. Instead, there are key statutory guidelines which are used to figure what financial amounts are necessary to adequately care for a child’s physical, mental, and emotional needs, as well as how much each parent can afford to pay with their current income.

Some examples of the factors which the court will consider before making a decision include:

  • Whether one or both parents are working.
  • The kind of job and its regularity in salary.
  • The amount of income that is brought in on a regular basis.
  • How many children need to be supported.
  • The amount of time spent caring for the child by each parent.
  • The location of the child’s home, and the amount of expenses paid by the parent with whom the child is living.
  • Any necessary health care and medical expenses required by the child.
  • Any day care expenses necessary for the child.

Enforcing Child Support Orders

While usually both parents want to help provide for their children as much as they can, there are cases when 1 spouse refuses to provide aid, even though they have the means to offer financial support. Alternatively, one spouse may always be late in giving the support check, which can cause a great amount of trouble for you if you are having to pay bills.

If your former partner is being negligent in their responsibility, you should make sure to reach out to us for powerful legal advocacy. To properly care for your child, both parents need to be meeting their agreed financial allotment.

Is Alabama Strict on Child Support?

Yes, Alabama has stringent laws dealing with child support arrearages. For example, Alabama will withhold the supporting parent's income, charge interest, suspend licenses and even sentence the supportive parent to jail if he continues to avoid his child support obligations.

For help enforcing a child support agreement, just reach out to us so we can take rapid legal action in making sure these payments get paid on time.

Looking Out for Your Child’s Best Interest

Divorce and family law issues can be complex and arduous. However, when children are involved, it is critical to remember their needs first, as children are particularly vulnerable during a parental disagreement.

Our Birmingham child support lawyer is devoted to your children’s interest above all, and ready to mitigate circumstances to care for their needs.

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