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Juvenile dependency law in the state of Alabama has been established to protect children from various types of abuse and neglect at the hands of a parent or guardian. A juvenile dependency case starts with someone filing a petition with the juvenile court alleging that the child is not receiving proper care, has been neglected, or abused.

It is then up to the court to determine the facts and whether the child should be permanently or temporarily removed from the home.

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Understanding Juvenile Dependency Proceedings in Alabama

Those who work with children, such as teachers, daycare personnel, coaches, school counselors, and medical personnel can initiate a juvenile dependency case if they believe a child is endangered.

Abuse can come in many forms, from physical to sexual or emotional. It can include a child being exposed to alcoholism or toxic street drugs in substance abuse cases, a child who is not properly fed, clothed, or sent to school, a child who is beaten or sexually abused, or a child who is consistently left alone.

Once a case has been filed, a judge will hear testimony from the parents or guardian as well as those alleging the abuse or neglect. If the judge decides that the child is in an unsafe environment, he will move on to the next phase of the process which is deciding who should have custody of the child.

When a child is declared dependent, it does not mean that the child and parents or guardian will be permanently separated. If the parent or guardian corrects the situation that caused the court’s finding, they may be reunited by the court.

When Can Your Child Be Made a Dependent of the Court?

In the State of Alabama, a child can be considered a dependent of the court if any of the following has or may likely occur:

  • A child has been sexually abused or is at risk of being sexually abused
  • A child has endured extreme acts of cruelty at their home
  • A child has suffered serious physical harm or there is a substantial risk that the child will suffer serious physical harm
  • A child is suffering/at risk of suffering serious emotional damage due to not receiving appropriate care
  • You caused the death of a child through abuse or neglect
  • You failed to stop the sexual abuse of your child even though you were aware of it

What Happens to Your Child During a Child Dependency Case?

The primary objective of child dependency court is to remove children from environments where they have suffered and/or are at risk of abuse or neglect. Therefore, the court is likely to take your child away from you at the outset of a child dependency case.

Under Alabama law, the court can do the following if they suspect abuse:

  • Remove your child from your home
  • Place your child in foster care
  • Send your child to live with another relative
  • Order new parental rights or terminate your parental rights entirely

At the Law Office of Albert Moore, our skilled child dependency lawyers believe that the best thing for a child is to be with their parents, as long as they are in a loving and safe environment. Our legal team will fight for you in the child dependency court to give you your best chance at keeping custody of your children.

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Juvenile dependency cases can be emotionally challenging for parents and guardians. Such cases can also be legally complex, involving many parties, such as the family members, social workers, other interested individuals, state agencies, and more.

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